What is Clotto?

Clotto stops bleeding due to trauma, surgery, invasive diagnostic procedures, dental proceduresClotto is a Haemostyptic Dusting Powder / Spray, consisting of the active substance Oxidised Cellulose.

It is used for stopping capillary bleeding associated with minor cuts, grazes and surface wounds experienced during   

  • Trauma
  • Surgery
  • Invasive diagnostic procedures
  • Dental procedures

Clotto forms an artificial clot with minimal tissue reactivity. It adheres to the bleeding site by quick absorption of blood with fast coagulation at the interface, leaving the outer layer of material dry so that it can serve as an occlusive tamponade.

Clotto has a slight bactericidal action, is bio-degradable in vivo and non antigenic.


Haemostyptic Dusting Powder / Spray.


Haemostyptic powder / spray consists of  the active substance Oxidised Cellulose.

Physical and Chemical Properties:

Appearance:  White  to creamy yellow amorphous powder .

Odour:  Odourless  to  slightly scorchy odour .

Solubility:   Partially  soluble  in water  to  form a  colloidal dispersion,  soluble  in alkalis.  Insoluble  in  common organic solvents.

Bulk Density:  100  to 1000 kg/m3 depending on granularity, porosity and specific surface area.

How does Clotto work?


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Clotto Brochure

Clotto Product MonographRegistered medical practitioners, hospital administrators and laboratory staff:

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Clinical Studies

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Pharmacological Classification

C 34 Other. Complimentary medicine (Haemostyptic)

Complimentary Registry Number: 143735

Scheduling status:  Not scheduled

Manufactured by:

Medley Pharmaceuticals for Zak & Sons Trading CC

Normal and Surgical

Two versions of Clotto are available:

  • the normal Clotto for all-purpose use and
  • the Surgical Clotto, which has sterilized double packaging and is suitable for use in surgical procedures in theaters.